Heat & Glo REVO Series Gas Fireplace

Only 7-inches deep. The REVO can go nearly anywhere. Hang one on the wall. Or recess in-wall. The choice is yours. Experience stunning design and efficient heat output in REVOlutionary new ways.

Standard Features

  • 8,200 – 24,000 BTUs
  • Square, horizontal and vertical models
  • Multiple front and panel finishing options
  • Conserves energy and operates during a power outage with the IntelliFire™ Ignition System
  • Safe indoor air quality with Direct Vent Technology
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Fireplace Safety



  • Optional Remote Control
  • A variety of available front options offer a tailored appearance to any hearth. A wide range of color options will complement any home décor.
  • Multicolored LED backlighting adds impact to modern fires. Choose a shade and enjoy with or without the flames. Not available on the Radius front.
  • Power Venting Technology makes it possible to install a gas fireplace virtually anywhere.
  • As the finishing touch, termination cap options are both functional and beautifully designed.

Additional information


24,000 (REVO H31)
18,800 (REVO S21)
14,250 (REVO V12)


68.4% (REVO H31)
63.0% (REVO S21)
63.7% (REVO V12)

EnerGuide Rating

67.5% (REVO H31)
64.5% (REVO S21)
60.2% (REVO V12)

Product Video